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Rosemarie Chiarlone - Imprints


March 11 - May 16, 2022

WAAM is pleased to present the studio archives of Miami-based artist Rosemarie Chiarlone. The exhibition Imprints takes us on a journey of the artist's studio practice from the 1990s to the present and illustrates Chiarlone's experimentation with design, textual imagery, materiality, and structural forms. To Imprint, is to mark or stamp or make an impression. The nature of an imprint is itself subject to change, as, over time, an imprint can fade, erode or disintegrate. Chiarlone alludes to the ephemerality of the physical and the psychological through visual exploration and deconstruction of language. Textual landscapes on paper, hand-made books, textiles, and organic materials present the viewer with maze-like poetic excursions. In her hand-made books, letters are delicately perforated to form graphic images in relief. Often made in collaboration with poet Susan Weiner, each book unfolds to reveal emblematic words that reference gender, political and social issues. Whether sewn, perforated, or punctured, each word is imbued with a dynamic agency that contains multiple meanings. Chiarlone’s books deftly challenge conventional formats and function on multiple levels including sculpture and installation.

The exhibition includes a selection of books, works on paper, documentation, printed materials, and ephemera. We see the artist’s early interests in fusing book-making techniques with textiles in To Live the Dress, a fabric-bound book laden with dress-making patterns, and To Dress, which is an homage to the youthful play of “dress up”. We also catch a glimpse into Chiarlone’s studio archives. Sketches, paper studies, patterns, and fabric samples illustrate not only the artist’s process and experimentation within the book arts tradition but also point to how she has innovatively redefined how audiences engage with the form and function of books. The exhibition is on view at WAAM at Dimensions Variable from March 11 to May 7, 2022. The exhibition opens on March 11, from 6 to 9 pm.

Rosemarie Chiarlone studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and at Florida International University with a BFA and a Master’s degree in the arts. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Her works have most recently been on view at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL; the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA and the Center for Book Arts in New York, NY.   She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including Galerie Verein Berliner Kunstler, Berlin, Germany; the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC; University of Gloucestershire, England; University of Kyoto, Japan; Universidad de Costa Rica and the Museo de Artsy Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica; McMullen Museum of Art, Boston, Massachusetts;  Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH; Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL;  Art and Culture

Barbara Young: Journeys in Radical Librarianship


Nov 19 - Jan 30, 2022

WAAM is pleased to present Barbara Young: Journeys in Radical Librarianship in collaboration with the Miami-Dade Public Library System (MDPLS) Vasari Project archives on July 10. The library’s Vasari Project archives were co-founded by Young and art historian and the Miami Herald art critic emeritus Helen L. Kohen twenty years ago.

This exhibition celebrates and recognizes Miami-based art librarian and curator Barbara Young’s pivotal contributions to Miami's art and cultural landscape. Her unique multidisciplinary approach to librarianship and far-reaching advocacy made the visual arts more accessible to neighborhoods throughout Miami-Dade. During her tenure at the MDPLS, Young radically redefined how memory institutions disseminate public knowledge by widening access to the arts through the tireless promotion of the creative achievements of artists and communities who are traditionally left out of mainstream art discourse.

This exhibition highlights selections from Young’s own personal papers and the Vasari Project that illustrate her expansive and innovative curatorial practice and art activism across the MDPLS. Through archival documentation including exhibition brochures and catalogs, photographs, newspaper clippings, and ephemera, we also journey into the art historical activities of Miami-Dade from the late 70s to the early 2000s. 

Making Visible - Art, Activism & Archives: The Studio Archives of Chire Regans & Loni Johnson

Loni 2.jpg

Dec 2 - Feb 2, 2020

WAAM is pleased to present Making Visible: Art, Activism & Archives, an exhibition that explores the interrelationships between art, archives and activist practices. This exhibition presents  the artist studio archives of two Miami-based artists, Loni Johnson and Chire Regans, whose art practices are rooted in social and restorative justice frameworks.

Specifically, this exhibition makes visible the multifaceted ways in which art practices can create spaces for “remembrance” and “commemoration”. How do archives convey cultural memory? How does art engage with and create discussions surrounding the preservation of enduring historical and social concerns? Ultimately, how do we "read the past" without access to the cultural records and memories that shape transformative art practices?

In Making Visible, we journey alongside and into the interior landscapes of artist sketchbooks, diaries, journals, personal mementos, keepsakes, ephemera, artwork and other objects that bear witness to personal and community histories and become signifiers that gain meaning with each reading.

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Defining Space: Selections from the Karen Rifas papers

May 11 - September 4, 2020

Defining Space: Selections from the Karen Rifas papers includes exhibition cards, brochures, catalogs, ephemera, maquettes and other materials from Rifas’ work and life in the South Florida area that span over thirty years.

The selections provide an insight both into the artists prolific experimentation with materiality and process but also offers a vital glimpse into the early art activity of Miami's private and public art institutions.

Cara Despain: Unearthing Process & Research on the Anthropocene

May 11 - September 4, 2020

Cara Despain: Unearthing Process & Research on the Anthropocene underscores the importance of process, field work, source material and research in art production and highlights the ambiguous relationship that exists between artwork and documentation.

Despain's work interrogates the narratives and symbols related to industrialization, climate change, frontier expansion & land settlements.

In-Between Worlds: Selections from the Studio Archive of Charo Oquet

January 25 - March 31, 2020

In-Between Worlds: Selections from the Studio Archives of Charo Oquet documents the art practice and activities of Dominican-born, Miami based artist, curator, organizer, educator and gallery owner Charo Oquet. Her multidisciplinary art practice spans over thirty years,  across three continents, and explores the intricate and underlying parameters of cultural migration, identity, and ritual traditions that encompass the socio-cultural landscape of the Dominican Republic. 

Oquet travelled extensively throughout her life and this exhibition highlights documentation of her fieldwork and research, as well as the stylistic developments of her art production that took place in New Zealand, Europe, America, and the Caribbean. From painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, her approach to art-making has defied normative conventions. More recently, her techniques rely heavily on the use of found objects and building materials.

Body As Archive 

September 19 - November 19, 2020

WAAM is pleased to present the studio archives of Puerto-Dominican artist Sonia Baez Hernandez. Body As Archive explores the artist's relationship with the poetics of corporeal mapping and documentation and suggests that the body is ultimately a space that holds transformative possibilities. The body becomes a site where the “will to archive” predominates, as suggested by historian Andre Lepecki, where the artist confronts and examines personal, cultural and historical (re)constructions. 

The installation includes drawings, sculpture, found objects and printed material. Most of the items on view are from the installation “Carcinoma le deuil impossible, an evolving body of work that Hernandez began in 2001 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As the artist notes, “this work interweaves the experiences of my living body, history, and cultural construction of gender and ideal beauty. beauty. Breast cancer and its treatment place the body into a path of deformities, cicatrisation, transformations, and gender crisis. This experience incarnates an encounter with newness and the body as raw material”.

Save As

Natha_Save As.tiff

September 28 - December 20, 2019

WAAM is pleased to present Save As, a group exhibition that examines the artists' archive as a site where cultural memories are constructed and converge. In recognition of Dimensions Variable's (DV) ten year anniversary, Save As will present a selection of records from DV's organizational archives alongside the individual studio archives of artists who have participated in exhibitions from the past to the present. During its tenure in the ever-changing urban landscape of Miami, DV has supported the work of over seventy artists in solo and group exhibitions in five different art spaces.

All of the items in Save As - objects, ephemera, artwork, records, photographs, videos, flyers, brochures - speak to the relational aspect of archives. In artist-run spaces, singular narratives become plural. Save As repositions the archive as a dynamic site where meaning and memory is layered, constantly in flux and re-interpreted as each participant has their own reading of what these possibilities are.

As the title Save As suggests, there are numerous possibilities inherent in the archive. From the innovative formats of the materials on display to the underlying conceptual and theoretical discussions surrounding the objects, archives can embody radical spaces where collective and cultural memories are tangible, transparent, and valuable. The Save As Archive includes paper documents, born-digital and analog records, art-making materials, models, found objects, outputs, traces, and varied signifiers of the creative process. This archive is meant to explore ideas of temporality, media obsolescence, displacement, labor, privilege, representation and historiography. WAAM attempts to document collective memory in a visible and accessible way for the public. 

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