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Save As

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September 28 - December 20, 2019

WAAM is pleased to present Save As, a group exhibition that examines the artists' archive as a site where cultural memories are constructed and converge. In recognition of Dimensions Variable's (DV) ten year anniversary, Save As will present a selection of records from DV's organizational archives alongside the individual studio archives of artists who have participated in exhibitions from the past to the present. During its tenure in the ever-changing urban landscape of Miami, DV has supported the work of over seventy artists in solo and group exhibitions in five different art spaces.

All of the items in Save As - objects, ephemera, artwork, records, photographs, videos, flyers, brochures - speak to the relational aspect of archives. In artist-run spaces, singular narratives become plural. Save As repositions the archive as a dynamic site where meaning and memory is layered, constantly in flux and re-interpreted as each participant has their own reading of what these possibilities are.

As the title Save As suggests, there are numerous possibilities inherent in the archive. From the innovative formats of the materials on display to the underlying conceptual and theoretical discussions surrounding the objects, archives can embody radical spaces where collective and cultural memories are tangible, transparent, and valuable. The Save As Archive includes paper documents, born-digital and analog records, art-making materials, models, found objects, outputs, traces, and varied signifiers of the creative process. This archive is meant to explore ideas of temporality, media obsolescence, displacement, labor, privilege, representation and historiography. WAAM attempts to document collective memory in a visible and accessible way for the public. 

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