In-Between Worlds: Selections from the Studio Archive of Charo Oquet

January 25 - March 31, 2020

In-Between Worlds- Selections from the Studio Archives of Charo Oquet documents the art practice and activities of Dominican-born, Miami based artist, curator, organizer, educator and gallery owner Charo Oquet. Her multidisciplinary art practice spans over thirty years,  across three continents, and explores the intricate and underlying parameters of cultural migration, identity, and ritual traditions that encompass the socio-cultural landscape of the Dominican Republic. 

Oquet travelled extensively throughout her life and this exhibition highlights documentation of her fieldwork and research, as well as the stylistic developments of her art production that took place in New Zealand, Europe, America, and the Caribbean. From painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, her approach to art-making has defied normative conventions. More recently, her techniques rely heavily on the use of found objects and building materials. 

In-Between Worlds presents printed material including exhibition announcements, brochures, flyers, catalogs, publications and posters, video documentation, objects and materials from the artist’s studio. Exhibition announcements from venues in South Florida such as the Ambrosino Gallery,  the South Florida Art Center, the Miami Dade Public Library downtown, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, the Miami Beach Library and the Bass Museum of Art illustrate Oquet’s prolific involvement in the local art community. In addition to exhibiting in both local and national venues, Oquet has exhibited in the landmark international exhibitions Art Religion and Politics  (2005) curated by Jean-Huber Martin in Milan, and Charo Oquet (2003)  curated by Antonio Zaya.  Other international venues include the Audio Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand, Casal Solleric, Palma, Mallorca.

The selection of postcards, photographs and research materials also illuminates her many roles as an art educator at the South Florida Art Center, organizer of the Domincan Youth Arts Festival, founder of local art space Edge Zones in 2003 and curator of the Miami Performance Festival. Also on display is photograph documentation from site specific performances that reflect Oquet’s interest in the ritual iconographies and material culture of Afro-Caribbean belief systems, documentation and research related to the Dominican Gaga ceremonies, and video documentation of her field research  on the Arrayanos communities of the Dominican Republic. 

The exhibition also includes eight books written by Oquet: Arrayanos-(2016), Arrayanos Portraits (2018), Arrayanos – Interiors/Exteriors (2018), Charo Oquet – Performance (2018), Miami Now (2005), Wet (2006), Wet II (2007) and Supermix (2008) which include the works of hundreds of Florida and internationally based artists. She has also been  included in many publications including but not limited to NeoHoodoo Art of a Forgotten Faith (2008); Files by Octavio Zaya; Miami Contemporary Artists; New Zealand’s National Museum Te Papa Calendar (2009); Dominican Contemporary Artists, Supermix and a book dedicated to her work “Charo Oquet – What the Mermaid Sees” that was published in Lanzarote Spain, by Antonio Zaya in 2002.