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Making Visible - Art, Activism & Archives: The Studio Archives of Chire Regans & Loni Johnson

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Dec 2 - Feb 2, 2021

WAAM is pleased to present Making Visible: Art, Activism & Archives, an exhibition that explores the interrelationships between art, archives and activist practices. This exhibition presents  the artist studio archives of two Miami-based artists, Loni Johnson and Chire Regans, whose art practices are rooted in social and restorative justice frameworks.

Specifically, this exhibition makes visible the multifaceted ways in which art practices can create spaces for “remembrance” and “commemoration”. How do archives convey cultural memory? How does art engage with and create discussions surrounding the preservation of enduring historical and social concerns? Ultimately, how do we "read the past" without access to the cultural records and memories that shape transformative art practices?

In Making Visible, we journey alongside and into the interior landscapes of artist sketchbooks, diaries, journals, personal mementos, keepsakes, ephemera, artwork and other objects that bear witness to personal and community histories and become signifiers that gain meaning with each reading.

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