Lynne Golub Gelfman

Lynne Golub Gelfman's collection is currently in processing. Her collection will be available online at the end of August.

Lyne Golub Gelfman - Biography
Lynne Golob Gelfman grew up in New York. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, (BA, 1966) and the School of the Arts, Columbia University, (MFA, 1968). She taught art at the Dalton School from 1968 until 1972, the year that she and her husband started a flower farm outside Bogotá¡, and moved to Miami, an import gateway for the flowers. For Gelfman, who had loved Bogotá¡ as an American Field Service student in 1961, the culture and landscape of Colombia as well as the diverse, subtropical world of Miami are important influences, along with her strong ties to New York.

Gelfman has had more than 40 solo shows. Her first solo show was a prize awarded by Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in 1974, then under the leadership of Arnold Lehman. Since then, Gelfman has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Recent solo exhibitions include Grids: A Selection of Paintings by Lynne Golob Gelfman (2018-19) Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami; sometimes random…