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Created by Carol Todaro on 1992

Created by Carol Todaro on 1992

RC_Book _Book As Art_p1.jpg
Book as Art catalogs the Boca Raton Museum of Art exhibition from August 30-October 6, 1991.
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 1992

BY_Brochure_1992_The First Americas - Textlies and Artifacts of Indians of North, Central and South America_p1.jpg
Brochure for the exhibition, The First Americas, at the Metro-Dade Cultural Center in Miami, July 2 - October 13, 1992. The second page of the brochure reads: In 1492, there were millions of people living in the Americas with diverse cultures and…
Created by Young, Barbara on 1992

KR_Documentation_Untitled Log_1992_01_09.jpg
The sculpture Untitled was created in 1992 and is composed of a segmented pine log. It measures 2' x 3' x 48".
Created by Karen Rifas on 1992
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