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BY_Leaflet_2021_The Artful Books 2021_p1.jpg
LNS Journal, Volume IV of The Artful Books 2021 from LNS Gallery, November 2021. A note from the curator reads: In combining literature and the visual arts, this exhibition is a celebration of artistic and intellectual excellence in its many forms.…
Created by Young, Barbara on 2021

KP_Newspaper_2007_Art _ Culture - Fair Game_p1.jpeg
Article from the Biscayne Times, Fair Game, December 2007. The first page of the newspaper reads: It was only a matter of time before someone in Miami decided to mock the extravagance of Art Basel and its growing number of satellite art fairs. With…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2007

KP_Catalog_2013_BR1 - Bridge Red 1_p1.jpeg
Book BR1 of Bridge Red Studios from 2013 highlights solo and group exhibitions. BR1 contains an essay by Anne Tschida. The introduction reads: This artist-run effort to bridge the past to the present, one generation to another, the present to the…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2013

KP_Brochure_2008_McColl Center for Visual Art - Contemporary Art lives Here_p1.jpeg
Brochure for the McColl Center for Visual Art: Contemporary Art lives Here, Fall 2008. The mission statement reads: An urban artist -in-residence program, McColl Center for Visual Art actively participates in and contributes to the energy and…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2008

KP_Newspaper_2009_The Miami Herald - The Shining_p1.jpeg
Article from the Miami Herald newspaper The Shinning, June 29, 2008. The section on Kerry Phillips reads: Likewise, Kerry Phillips’ You could always see real far off even when you weren’t trying plays with optical illusions. Installed in the middle…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2009

KP_Newspaper_2009_City Link Metromix - A thing for things_p1.jpeg
Article from the Miami Herald newspaper A thing for things, October 7, 2009. The first page of the newspaper reads: People who can’t drive down a street on bulk-pickup day without pulling over may appreciate Sometimes Your Things Are My Things,…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2009

KP_Newspaper_2006_Miami New times - Home Groan_p1.jpeg
Article from the Miami New Times, Home Groan, August 17 – 23, 2006. The section on Kerry Phillips reads: On the winning side of Art Center’s coin, Kerry Phillip’s mock suburban remembered House: Kitchen, Cup, Family Portrait oozes a joyful…
Created by Kerry Phillips on 2006

ARTnews magazine of February 1982. Open Season in Miami by Helen L. Kohen reads: Miami is in the process of becoming a new city, with a new look rising downtown and a new outlook towards its prospects of becoming a cultural center. The old concept of…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 1982
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