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FT_Photo_2023_TFW Poster_p1.jpg
A full moon hovers in the grey sky of early morning. There is a paved road that curves into the horizon, The trees are dark and the street is tinted with a glow of dark orange-brown light. The text “announcing the launch of TFW” is superimposed on…
Created by Fereshteh Toosi on 2023

FT_Photo_2023_Roasting  Marshmallows_p1.JPG
It is night time and the background is dark. Lee and Tori are roasting marshmallows around a firepit.
Created by Fereshteh Toosi

FT_Photo_2023_ Femi_Ross_L’nique_Fereshteh_p1_photo credit Neil Brideau 10.JPG
Femi, Ross, L’nique, and Fereshteh are standing on a paved trail which with grass and trees to either side. They are wearing comfy clothes: leggings, shorts, and sweats, and are all looking up at the trees and sky out of frame. Fereshteh is taking a…
Created by Fereshteh Toosi

Three people look away from the bow of a ferry boat towards a marina filled with boats. The middle person holds a phone up to the horizon in the act of taking a photograph. A quote by Isa Marie Garcia is transcribed in brown writing over a blue…

Mira Lehr.jpeg
Created by Mira Lehr on 2020
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