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Three people look away from the bow of a ferry boat towards a marina filled with boats. The middle person holds a phone up to the horizon in the act of taking a photograph. A quote by Isa Marie Garcia is transcribed in brown writing over a blue…

FT_ Pelican Park _ Feature 2.jpeg
Under the shade canopy of a park shelter on Pelican Island, three people look to their left as an individual speaks during the group discussion around a wooden picnic table. Various personal possessions such as phones, cameras, cups, sunglasses,…
Created by Fereshteh Toosi on 2023-25-02

FT_Pelican Park_ Feature 1.jpeg
Seven people in their 20s are seated around a wooden picnic table, having a discussion. In the foreground of the image on are water bottles and snacks that are on the table, and trees in the background.

FT_Photo_2022_Pelican Island_p6.jpg
A medium shot of Fereshteh, who has short brown hair and is wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a black and white dotted pattern while standing outdoors, looking down at a piece of paper with a circle diagram printed on it. They are presenting to…
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