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ARTnews magazine of February 1982. Open Season in Miami by Helen L. Kohen reads: Miami is in the process of becoming a new city, with a new look rising downtown and a new outlook towards its prospects of becoming a cultural center. The old concept of…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 1982

RC_Pamphlet _2020_Mia Galleries - Altered Boundaries_p1.jpg
Pamphlet for the exhibition Altered Boundaries at the Miami International Airport, November 15 – February 25, 2020. Altered Boundaries consists of works on paper and book art that elicit the viewer to question the visual and the textual meaning and…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2020

RC_Pamphlet_2010_SI will cut thrU Pochoirs, Carvings, and other Cuttings_p1.jpg
Pamphlet for the exhibition I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and other Cuttings at The Center for Book Arts, July 7 - September 11, 2010. The acknowledgment reads: The Center for Book Arts is delighted to present this year’s artist members…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2010

RC_Leaflet_Rosemarie Chiarlone_p1.jpg
A leaflet with illustration and the artist's Chiarlone’s resume.
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone

RC_Leaflet_2021_LNS Gallery Journal - The Artful Book 2021_p1.jpg
Volume IV of The Artful Books 2021, from LNS Gallery, November 2021. A note from the curator reads: In combining literature and the visual arts, this exhibition is a celebration of artistic and intellectual excellence in its many forms. The Museum of…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2021

RC_Leaflet_2019_LNS Gallery Journal - The Artful Book 2019_p1.jpg
Volume II of The Artful Book 2019, from LNS Gallery, 2019. A Note from LNS reads: Merging literature and visual arts, artists’ books are the gems that emerge from the genesis of an artist expressing their core messages into traditional and…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2019

Leaflet for the exhibition MIA_BER, at Galerie des VBK, June 19 – July 13. The 3rd page reads: Those artists selected for the MIA_BER exhibition represent different generations of Miami artists whose practice is informed and rooted in South Florida.…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2014

Flyer for Spaces Gallery illustrates the program schedule from April – June 10, 2005. The Program is: Dissent from April 15 – June 10. Calls to Action April 15 – May 20. Dissent Opening Reception on April 15. Panel Discussion – Cause and Effect on…
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2005

Storm - An interactive installation that responds to the escalating HIV epidemic
Created by Rosemarie Chiarlone on 2002
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